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Helping people with developmental disabilities attain independence.

About Us

“I am honored to tell you how much SVCR has helped us!  Your organization has been there time and time again for over 20 years helping my sister and us take care of what was needed.  It has always been crystal clear in all of the communications I’ve had with you, Ralph, Nina, Tina, Lenora…everyone, that the residents were the priority.

You have made my family a part of your family and have been a bridge for us to help my sister get what she needs. That’s what it’s all about.  For that, I thank you.” — Family Member

Our mission is to provide education, training, and a variety of services to citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia with intellectual disabilities.

We work to promote the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families who live in the Northern Shenandoah Valley Planning District. We do this by establishing, operating, and maintaining community-integrated residential settings and providing associated support services.  For our Brochure, click here.

Real Homes, Real Lives

Founded in 1980, we began by operating a single 8-bed group home. Currently, we run four group homes and four supervised living residences (apartments). In addition, we have a program called Supportive In-Home Service that provides residential services to people in their own homes.

What makes us special is that we create real homes where we would be happy to place our own family members with intellectual disabilities. SVCR homes do not look like institutions, nor do they have an institutional feel. One resident’s dad remarked that his son was glad to be “home” and again able to play ball with two of his house mates.   The father was so relieved, because in prior situations his son had acted out and been very reluctant to be brought back to the residence where he was then staying.   The father reiterated that it makes life so much easier for families when the child actually feels glad to be “home” when he returns to us.

Further, our clients work, shop, and pursue recreational activities, contributing to the local economy, increasing community diversity, and enjoying a life like ours.

The Right Leadership

Our dedicated staff is the energy and passion behind our programs. Read about our senior team here.

In addition, our board members bring wisdom, experience, and enthusiasm to decision-making for SVCR’s future. We are grateful to all of our volunteer board, including:

  •  Matthew Bradley, President
  •  Mary Hall, First Vice President,  Secretary
  •  Melody Schwartzman, 2nd Vice President
  •  David Stegmaier, Treasurer
  •  Ellen Murphy, Assistant Treasurer
  •  A. Katherine Gregg, Director
  • Ann Lamanna, Director
  •  Patricia Taylor, Director

The finances of the Shenandoah Valley Community Residences are audited annually by an independent auditor.

See the organization’s most recent Financial Report and IRS Form 990 .