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Helping people with developmental disabilities attain independence.

“I went from being homeless to having a nice place to live. For awhile, I was living on the streets. Thanks to my case manager, I am now in a nice apartment. I have slept good from the first night I was there.

I felt safe and the staff was nice and helped me out on food.  They took me grocery shopping and got me a nice coat at Wal-Mart. Staff helps me every day.  I couldn’t ask for better. I have a place to live and plenty to eat and people to help me to take meds and help with cooking or whatever I need help with.” — Resident

Who We Are

In 1980, Shenandoah Valley Community Residences, Inc. (SVCR) was founded as a private, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to providing residential services to adults with intellectual disabilities.

A contract agency of the Northwestern Community Services Board, we are licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

We operate welcoming, supportive homes and apartments for our residents, who come to us from the community, state institutions, and other social service situations.

In addition, we offer instruction in basic life skills, such as personal hygiene, menu and dietary planning, food purchase and preparation, and money management. We also provide guidance and structure by encouraging each individual to take responsibility for daily household chores, to the extent of his/her abilities, including cooking, table setting, and laundry.

SVCR also works with our clients to help them socialize more effectively, communicate better, solve the problems of everyday life, and manage their behavior.

How We Help

The primary goal of Shenandoah Valley Community Residences, Inc. (SVCR) is to provide and promote services that enhance the development of individuals served and to maximize their achievement of self determination and autonomy.  This includes learning how to live comfortably and safely in their SVCR homes, as well as becoming integrated into the larger Winchester community. In fact, most of our residents hold down jobs and participate in a wide variety of activities through SVCR, including swimming, bowling, music, and travel.

The Individualized Services Plan (ISP) process is designed to achieve this goal by using an interdisciplinary approach to assess what is important to, and for, the individual and to develop and implement plans to support the individual’s development toward a desired life within the least restrictive environment(s) that is normalizing. 

Our SVCR managers have an average of 10 years of experience with us. They oversee our direct care staff, all of whom are caring individuals, committed to our important work. On average, our direct care staff have 5 years of experience with SVCR.

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